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The First Step


Make an initial examiniation appointment.  This usually takes 15 minutes and is at no cost.  At that appointment you will be given preliminary information in regard to the nature of the problem, treatment considerations and a fee estimate. If there is a desire to do an in depth evaluation, diagnostic records are taken to further evaluate treatment options appropriate to the problem.

A second 30-40 minute conference appointment is then made at which time the diagnosis, treatment options and costs involved are throughly discussed. This conference is very important.  Conferences are scheduled at the last appointment in the morning or at the end of the day to allow time for questions.  It is important that you be well informed.  There is no charge for the records and conference.

If immediate corrective measures are not recommended but may be required in the future, patients are seen on an observation basis, (every six months) until corrective measures are advisable.  There is no fee for observation visits.



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