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Advocates that "Age 7 is not too soon if it is anticipated that there is a problem that sooner or later will require orthodontic services.  If treatment is not immediately necessary it is my policy to see that patient on an observation status until the most opportune time to start treatment.  If possible we prefer to wait until treatment can be accomplished in one phase, which usually results in less imposition to the child and less cost as well, as opposed to two or more treatment stages. However there are some problems listed below when early intervention is recommended.


-Functional Problems-Difficulty chewing and the bite is such that it could cause injury to the teeth, supporting bone or jaw joints.

-Gross Deformaties-Being teased and lowered self-esteem.

-Severe Dental Protrusions-Teeth are excessively forward and are predisposed to possible traumatic injury.


-Special Situations-Circumstances where early treatment is necessary to significantly enhance final outcome of  a second stage of treatment or greatly reduce time and intensity of a second stage of treatment.

Without compromise to the final outcome, treatment can usually be accomplished in one stage.  In youngsters 10 and older and adults, correction, with rare exception is done in one phase.



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