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Function - Chewing is the first stage of digestion and is done better and more efficiently when teeth meet properly


Health -Teeth that are straight and meet properly collect less food around them and are more easily kept clean.  Meeting correctly can also contribue to healthier bone around the roots.  A bad bite can contribute to the loss of supporting bone and create excessive wear on the biting surfaces of teeth.  Certain bite problems may contribute to jaw joint disturbances.


Appearance -We all want to look nice. A pleasing smile with straight teeth is an asset.  Of equal concern is facial appearance.  A goal in orthodontic correction is to place the front teeth to best support the lips to have an attractive facial appearance.  If the lips are under-supported the profile may look like "Grandpa with his dentures out".  If over supported it may be difficult to close the lips and the chin appears to be receded.  An attractive smile and facial appearance have much to do with one's self esteem and success in life.



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